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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

九份, JiouFen 2037...

Fall 08
Maya 8.0
This is it. I finally decided to end the modeling part of this project, because I really need to get to uv unwrapping, and texturing.
This piece is my project for one of my Special Studies Class this semester, based on a place in Taiwan, which is also a refrence environment of a famous Japaness Anime "Spirited Away."
Before the semester begins, I already know what I'm going to model for this class, which is a model that involves my culture. I kind of stay away from making something sci-fi, that's what I was doing when I first know how to model stuff in Maya.(which is a year ago?)
Anyways, I hope it will look amazing once I finish texturing and lighting .
Hope you can enjoy the details I put in there.