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Friday, May 16, 2008

Tobot - Texturing and Lighting

Spring 08
Maya 8.0
Photoshop CS3
This is my first 3d character design. Modeling in maya, texturing in photoshop. This is also my first time texturing in photoshop. I didn't really try digital painting before; therefore, I found some realistic metal texture online, changed the color(original one was gray.) Then, I used burn tool and dodge tool to make the metal parts look old and put bump map on every single surface on my character. Additionally, I added some white stripe on armors, which looks kinda cool.
I also played around the lighting and render options. It took a while to render these pictures.
Even though the rusty texture isn't what I really want it to be, I still like it.
Anyways, enjoy them!

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Environment - Tolian

Spring 08
Maya 8.0
Finals are coming, I finally finished texturing everything in the scene. The whole concept was based on a final project that I worked on in intro class. I always wanted to make it better. Actually, I have been working on this model since last semester. I kind of stooped for a while and then started modeling again. I learned a lot through the process and also learned a lot this semester when I am in the 3d modeling class. Therefore, the model itself had been refined and refined.
The texturing for the ground gave me a lot of trouble because I wanted to make it look realistic. I also used a new technique I learned, which is environment fog for this project. It gave the whole scene a different feeling which I like it a lot.
Eventually, I think I'm okay with what I got so far.

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