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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

九份, JiouFen 2037...

Fall 08
Maya 8.0
This is it. I finally decided to end the modeling part of this project, because I really need to get to uv unwrapping, and texturing.
This piece is my project for one of my Special Studies Class this semester, based on a place in Taiwan, which is also a refrence environment of a famous Japaness Anime "Spirited Away."
Before the semester begins, I already know what I'm going to model for this class, which is a model that involves my culture. I kind of stay away from making something sci-fi, that's what I was doing when I first know how to model stuff in Maya.(which is a year ago?)
Anyways, I hope it will look amazing once I finish texturing and lighting .
Hope you can enjoy the details I put in there.


willy said...

Wow, so much details is in there.
Can't wait to see the textured piece.

corinne said...

Like I've said before, that is going to be so much fun to texture :D .

KiJeon Nam said...

Hm... well, since I know this will look awesome when textured... I guess I'll say I can't wait to see you suffer texturing the piece...? =P