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Friday, February 29, 2008

A Building from Tolian

Spring 08
I think I'm done with the modeling on this building. One thing kinda bothers me is that this building doesn't really go with the world I created...I might have to tweak the style, make it more round or something.

By the way, my character will be done around mid May including texturing, but I will post my character when I finish modeling.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Winter 08
This is a picture I took when I was in Taiwan during the winter break. My girlfriend and I was trying to let the cat get closer to us. Then, my girlfriend put cookies on the ground and let the cat eat. It took a while for the cat to get to those cookies...
I thought it's a good chance to take some photos and I did. I have some other one with stand- still pose, but I think it's much more interesting to show something that has more action or emotions to it.
I think the composition is kind of bad, the cat's body cut the picture into half. But, I don't think it's going to be a big big issue. Personally, I think a good photography is not always about how good camra angle, composition or colors are. It is about if the artist could tell a story in one shot! Then, THAT is a good photography!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Spring 07 -img 01-
Spring 08 -img 02-
This is a final project from my first 3d animation class. It based on a wooden project I designed when I was in Pasadena City College. Nothing much to talk about this one (img 01) because there is much that I need to improve.
Since my skill is improving, I'm working on another building sturcture which is based on img 01. It's going to be my environment for a character I designed in the recent 3d modeling class. (img 02)

-img 01- it's a war scene... ... probably...

-img 02- it's a rough rendering, doen't really have any texture and good lighting on it. the model is not complete, either.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Me! Me! Me!

Spring 04
I don't exactly remember when I took this photo. It was a phtography class I took when I was still in Pasadena City College. We had to take the picture, pull the negative out in the dark room(where you can't even see youself), put the chemical in and out, and project the negative image on a piece of photo paper. This is one of my final project. (it's not photoshoped...)
There are 3 images of myself in the picture. Then...who took the picture? The forth me?


Animal Drawing

Animal Wild-Life Drawing
Well, drawing is never my thing...but I still try to draw and improve. The knowledge which professor taught was good, but my drawing skill sucks a bunch...haha. These are few drawings that I think are "okay" enough to show off a little bit on my improvment.
These are drawings draw directly from live animal at LA Zoo. Drawing from live is hard. When you are drawing, they are also moving at the same time. Then, it's important to get down a quick gesture first, build on other things by the knowledge that you learned.

It's hard...for me.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Endless Ending

Fall 07
I took this picture while I was on my way to LACMA. I was adjusting the shutter speed and f-stop AND...DRIVING AT THE SAME TIME! I totally freaked Ki Jeon out...haha, he was in the car,too.
The sky was amazing, so I had to risk my life... ... ... and also my friend's life, haha...

Another lighting test

Fall 07
This is another lighting test I did after the light fog one. I intended to make this one as realistic as I could. Honestly, I don't know how good or how bad it is...haha.
To be realistic, the viewer will have a high expectation from the creator; therefore, there were a lot of things to change and fix. It took me a lot of time to figure the light out. It was hard.
Maybe there is a easier way to do this...

A lighting test

Spring 07 - Original Models
Fall 07 - Lighting
This is my room, was done in Maya 8.5.
It was for a assignmant in my first 3d class, I changed the original models a little bit to make them more detailed and realistic after I learned something new about modeling.
Then, I played with the lighting on this scene. It was a light fog effects which I added to the light attributes.
It turned out quite interesting.

First short film

Fall 06
Introduction to Triditional Animation
This was made in my first triditional animation class.
Since I'm not good at drawing, this class really gave me a hard time to complete. Good thing that I pulled everything out on the final presentation. Thanks to my friend Ki helped me in some drawing cases.

This is a 100% hand drawing animation. The character in there on the right hand side, he is a mutated tofu, his name used to be Tofu, but I changed it to Nabu. It kind of fits his personality.
I'm thinking of creating a whole "Tofu-World," for a game or something.

Anyways, enjoy this short tiny film!