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Sunday, April 12, 2009

JiouFen - Revision

Spring 09
Maya 8.0
Photoshop CS3
Crazy Bump
Here is a revision of my latest environment layout and modeling. I also refined my demo reel for this environment.
In case people didn't notice this, I didn't texture the building in the background of the previous model. Right now this looks better and more polished.
Enjoy the revision.


Anonymous said...

Really awesome work Howard!
I think your hard work paid off!

corinne said...

I know your probably done with this, but I just realized it would be really cool if your signature was shown as some graffiti on the wall :D !

fish said...
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Howie said...

This is great work! very nice scene and it's great to see the steps in creating it. And... we have the same name!! Check out this new design blogs some of my friends put together. we can inspire each other!


jenfuj said...

this is gorgeous! Beautiful work. :)

Salim Ramirez said...

I remember when you showed it in the class like a year ago, it was awesome! and now I look at it again and keeps looking amazing!

Who is the music artist though? I reallly like the music its perfectly cued and you can really see a connection with the images and the music